Use Your Swede lad
18-10-2018, 01:51 PM
Hi All,
I posted a thread back in 2016 where I played a British isles-trotting game on FM Mobile on my tablet.

Well now I'm back, and I've got an old banger of a laptop and FM 14.

I loaded up every European league to "view only", except England, Scotland, wales  and Sweden as "playable"

I selected Alviks IK, as they were predicted to finish bottom of the D2 North (fourth level).

Season one- Board target Battle bravely against relegation.

This first season was a slog, very few real players in my squad and managed to sign a few journeymen lower league Swedish players on a free.
Absolute dogfight throughout, with the only bright Spot being my striker "Lars" who scored 5 goals. Finished 10/11 and entered a 3 team relegation playoff group, in which I won a game and lost a game, which was enough for 2nd in the group and survival.

Season two- target Stay clear of relegation

This season started well, with a strong run of results taking my boys as high as 3rd before a slump in the second half of the season saw me finish 9/14, 9 points clear of relegation worries. Job Done. The future is starting to look brighter as Lars tripled his tally with 15 goals, and a youth academy product "Gus" formed a decent partnership with him. Having signed all youth candidates I know have a large squad, which is a strain on resources but I wont need to make any additional signings now I hope. Towards the end of the season I had a job interview with Haverfordwest of the welsh prem but after Alviks begged me and offered me improved terms I opted to stay put.
19-10-2018, 09:08 PM
Season 3=Target: stay clear of relegation

Again off to a flier this season, with a 8 game unbeaten start. In fact, we were top halfway through the season. However a very inconsistent run saw us fall away after that. Lars scored 15 again, and gus got 11, we finished 5th with 9 more points than last season. was a bit of a lottery as the top 7 (top half) were separated by just 5 points. SO overall an improvement, but the annoying part was I finished 1 point behind the aptly named Moron, who had 4 of my players on season long loan!

just realised ive not entered a cup yet, bit weird
20-10-2018, 11:47 AM
Well you're still knocking about, well done on not going down. Mrgreen
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
20-10-2018, 06:00 PM
(20-10-2018, 11:47 AM)JD95 aka Fidsy Jr. Wrote: Well you're still knocking about, well done on not going down. Mrgreen

I think I can actually build something. The division is poor and only one team a year comes down from the next level up
21-10-2018, 09:43 PM
Season 4 - Alviks AK-Target avoid relegation
Started the season with a crisis as Lars refused to negotiate a new contract. He left in the close season along with 14 (!) other players. However we have so far with the preseason media been 80-1, 40-1 twice and now we are 16-1, so we appear to be moving in the correct direction.
Started the season with a 5 match unbeaten run, before meeting tegs SK and losing a ding dong battle 3-2. At the halfway point of the season we had won 8, lost 3 and drawn two, yet we were in 2nd place 7 pts behind tegs, who were flying.
With 6 games remaining we had pulled that gap back to a single point by winning the return 4-1, although it was more a case of the teams in the division being much of a muchness rather than mine being anything special. Although Gus was leading the line reasonably well with help from academy product Stan.
However my defensively frail team shit the bed a couple of times away from home, leaving us trailing by 5 points with four games left. In my next game my keeper got injured and the sub keeper dropped an absolute bollock by kicking the balls from his hands so it bounced off the right back's arse and went in for an own goal to put us 2-1 down.
Absolute bottle job at the end of the season, my team couldnt buy a win for the last 5. Did finish 3rd though, with my best total points by 1 point. Also set a new record for the worst discipline in the division, which is something to work on!

Gus further stepped up his game with 15 goals, but the real head turner was Stan with 17.
21-10-2018, 10:36 PM
Sounds like one of my seasons. Mrgreen
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
22-10-2018, 09:46 AM
Yeah Im trying to rely solely on youth products as signing anybody decent or paying them would probably bankrupt the club Smile
25-10-2018, 08:16 PM
Season 5 - Alviks AK-
With more players leaving at the end of the contracts, i decided to not bring in any outside players again in an attempt to balance the books. This left me with no players over the age of 21! I brought in extra coaches and a U19 manager.
Spent pre season concentrating on my teams physical fitness and ability to work as a unit. This paid immediate dividends as we won all 4 of our friendlies, playing possession football and creating quality chances rather than rushing and snatching at things. Particularly pleasing were the performances of my right back, who looked good last season but always got singled out for criticism by the board
Started with a 2-0 defeat in an even game but not really outplayed.however this was just the start of a shite run which left me bottom with one point after 5 games and in need of a total tactical rethink
Finally got my first win on match day 10, following a further tactical rethink. This left me bottom 8 points from safety.
Performances but not always results improved from there but after gaining 5 total points the rot set back in.
A run of draws kept us in touch until we played Ostersund, 6 points and one place ahead of us. A 1-1 draw saw that gap maintained but we drifted 10 points away from the relative safety of  a playoff
Relegation confirmed with 3 games remaining , jumped before I was pushed.
What I learned - relying totally on youth at this level isn’t enough, I need to bring players in to fill out the first team and just bring through prospects who are as good or better.
5 years as Alviks AK
Best finish 3rd
Worst finish 14th.
Honours: U19 division 2 north champs (2014)
26-10-2018, 05:51 PM
Well if nothing else, you learned a lesson about how not to work in this league. Mrgreen
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
27-10-2018, 09:39 PM
Season 5 - Continued- kingstonian -skrill south
Joined in October with the team1-1-10 and 4pts
Board expect me to parlay this into a mid table finish , ooh er
The squad look passable, probably a higher standard than Swedish D2. Brought in a decent journeyman utility midfielder straight away followed by a young Brentford LB on loan
FA cup Q4- 1-0 win again Herne bay (non league) 
R1 3-5 loss at home to L2 Lincoln, but performed very well
FA trophy r1 vs forest green - lost 2-1 away but bossed the second half and I tried a new tactic which looked much better and stopped us letting in 4-5 goals every game
The first league win of my reign came on matchday 17, 2-1 against braintree at home . We then thumped gloucester 3-0 away, to make the relegation dogfight look much more competitive. After matchday 21, halfway through the season, we were off the bottom
We had gone 4-1-1 in the last 6 games, so of course the board were unsatisfied with my performance.
We won as many as we lost from that point and with 10 games to go we were 2 points from safety despite losing 4-1 away to fellow strugglers Maidstone.
A 1-0 win in an absolute 6 pointer against Hampton and Richmond put us out of the drop zone.
With 6 games left we were still only 2 Pts from safety, and the board gave me a month to turn it round. Shocking really, given the team had 4 points and were 12 points adrift when o took over!
The final day of the season was twitchy bumhole time as we started level points with 2 other teams, any of us could have stayed up. In the end I lost 3-1 to mid table weymouth and results elsewhere went against me.
Resigned when relegation was confirmed. TBH im not too gutted, i partially turned round a team of whipping boys.
29-10-2018, 08:31 AM
Season 6- Lindsdal-swedish division 2 N Gotaland.
Joined with the team 13/14 after 6 games and 0-3-3. 20 games left and plenty of time to achieve the safe mid table position the board were asking for.
Back to square one really!
Immediately tried to sign Gus and Stan away from Alviks  but couldnt offer them enough money to pack up all their belongings and relocate.
Strung a fair few wins together by keeping it simple and quickly got in the mid table mix, for some reason I am now in the Swedish cup after 5 years not getting entered with Alviks
Swedish Cup round 1 away at non-league VMA IK.Won 3-1 and all over them 2nd half.
Round 2 at home to Huqsvarna (D1E) sold home advantage in order to increase gate receipts, lost 2-0. In the end their better finishing was the difference but we were far better than that scoreline
A first for meon FM, one of my players scored from a corner- as in, the corner kick went in!! Take a bow lad.
With 3 games left, 7 teams, the entire top half were seperated by 2 points and after the 1 promotion place.
A 4-1 home win against FC Gute put us one point off the lead and3rd on GD
A nervy 3-1 win against vetlanda put us 2nd by a point, ahead of 3rd on GD. We had to hold our nerve and win, and hope that leaders BK Derby did worse (despite being top they had a negative GD, bonkers league). Ther e was also another team on the same points as us and a further 2 teams only a point behind.
We did win, 4-2 but BK Derby won by the same score. A creditable finish of 2nd then and plenty of hopes for next season. Our LM issuperb as is one of our ST and there is a good supporting cast in place.
29-10-2018, 09:24 PM
Promising start there. Hopefully it doesn't go to shit.
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
29-10-2018, 09:39 PM
Board expectations is to win the division next season so I hope so too!
02-11-2018, 09:25 PM
Season 6- Lindsdal- D2 NG
No major arrivals or departures. Mixed results in pre season. Shaky start going 1-1-2. then we won against a top of the table team but despite that the board said they wanted a good result in the next game or my job was at risk! No wonder this job was available so early last season!!
After 10 games we were 3-4-3, unspectacular stuff. A couple of narrow defeats and we were bottom, Im definitely worried at this stage. Playing like strangers.
I was under pressure, but we thumped league leaders Tibro AIK 7-2 to begin a 4 game winning streak. An away draw with lidkopings left us 3rd and under a bit less pressure with 9 games to go
Swedish Cup:
1st round 2-0 win at home to non league Ljungby
2nd round away vs syrianska (PRM), battled hard to a 2-2 draw ! But lost 8-7 on pens Sad
by the time we lost again, it left us top by a point having played a game more than the 2nd placed team.
Unfortunately we conspired to lose our next game 2-1 despite having 26 shots to the oppositions 5. This left us 3rd
Form evaporated from there and we sank back into mid table, 5 point off the pace with 3 games left. 2 defeats out of those 3 games left us 9th at the end of the season, frankly very poor and i didnt expect to keep my job. The board called me in and I had to admit results hadnt been good enough and resign.
04-11-2018, 11:48 AM
Ah well, at least you've added to your P45 collection?
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
04-11-2018, 07:13 PM
Technically not been sacked yet! Jumped before I was pushed twice and resigned out of shame once.

I have fallen on my feet and failed to escape the allure of swedens fourth tier once again
05-11-2018, 10:22 AM
How on earth are you going through seasons so quickly? Blink

You've got a proper journeyman save going on. Keep up the good work!
05-11-2018, 01:07 PM
Very quick processing time due to a relatively good pc with an old version of the game, and 26 match seasons with largely no cups.
05-11-2018, 04:43 PM
I glossed over the fact that you're running FM2014. Picking smaller leagues will help a lot as well. Maybe I should consider league sizes / season length as well for my next play through. Mine has been going for a long time and at times suffers from fatigue as the seasons are quite long. I don't think I'd be able to plough through a season in a couple of days regardless of size though.
05-11-2018, 11:47 PM (This post was last modified: 05-11-2018, 11:50 PM by AlbionOakley.)
Ytterby- D2 West Gotaland

02 November 2018

Ok so third stab at this level in Sweden . This time I did novel things like bring players in to plug weak spots in my team (rather than just go "ooh shiny" at whoever my scout found) and setting up a tactic that I hoped wouldn't leak goals continuously.

This paid dividends as halfway through the season we were 7-5-1, joint points with first and 4 ahead of 3rd. So far so good.

Despite picking up a couple more defeats, we were also winning games instead of drawing so with 7 games left we were on top by 2 points  

With four games left this had been extended to 7 points, and we faced Västra Frölunda who somehow were in third with 3 games in hand. A 1-1 draw maintained our lead over them and kept us 6 ahead of Gunnilse. In 2nd place.

With 2 games left Västra now had played there games in hand and were still 2 points behind, we also had the better goal difference. We both won our penultimate game so it was all set up for a grandstand finish. If we didn’t lose we were very likely champions
So of course after half an hour the opposition headed a corner home and a minute later Västra went 1-0 up and top. vastra got pegged back on the stroke of half time and we were a point ahead again.  With 22 minutes left Västra were ahead again, but we screeched home into the fassberg net 4 minutes later to reclaim top spot
Fassberg scored again with 10 minutes left to break our hearts then in stoppage time my defenders head went and fassberg banged a penalty away. Västra had won 3-1 and too OUR promotion place. Unbelievable

My team however performed really well, from Haddock in goal to Suzanne in midfield and Norman and the cannon up top. Proud of the lads.

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