The Official  Fantasy Draft Thread 2018/19
07-08-2018, 07:34 PM
This has been set up and is ready to join. Draft is set to start at 9pm on Thursday.

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07-08-2018, 10:18 PM
I'm in!
08-08-2018, 08:12 PM
What do you actually do in the draft? last time I wasn't able to actually take part so I let it choose my players for me
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

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08-08-2018, 09:39 PM
Either you make a wish list and each round you'll get the highest one on the list who's available. Or you can actively take part and each round you get some time (30 seconds? a minute?) to make a manual pick of those still available.
19-08-2018, 08:14 PM
How did this go? I completely failed to turn up for the draft or make any pre-selections, so I guess I'm out of the loop this year.
20-08-2018, 11:18 AM
Blah missed joining and I blame my vacation... too much RL Mrgreen

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